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RIMtech Certifies Cadence Solutions as Services Provider

Edmonton, AB– January 8, 2021 – RIMtech Inc, a vendor-neutral consulting services company specializing in electronic recordkeeping services and education, has certified consulting firm Cadence Solutions as a RIMtech Certified Services Provider. The certification means that Cadence is now able to deliver EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System) solutions in accordance with RIMtech’s EDRMS Implementation Methodology©. Under the arrangement, Cadence has been fully trained on RIMtech’s EDRMS Implementation Methodology, and will apply this methodology to their EDRMS solutions. Cadence will be delivering electronic recordkeeping compliance solutions on the Microsoft M365 platform with third party federated recordkeeping software products that deliver advanced recordkeeping compliance to Microsoft M365.

“There are many competent SharePoint services providers out there, but few know enough about the science of recordkeeping or its related technology to know how to implement EDRMS systems effectively,” says Bruce Miller, President of RIMtech Inc. “To achieve recordkeeping compliance in Microsoft M365, a very high level of SharePoint skill and experience is required, along with strong recordkeeping understanding and capability. With this certification, Cadence has made the necessary investment in technology, knowledge, and skills to truly deliver real-world EDRMS solutions that can be quantifiably proven to meet rigorous compliance requirements”.

Cadence has successfully completed RIMtech’s prescribed training and testing program, and is now applying RIMtech’s methodology and tools to their client projects. According to Jordan Uytterhagen, Managing Director of Cadence, “We have very deep SharePoint technical skills but we recognized we needed additional advanced recordkeeping and EDRMS deployment skills to fully and properly implement full-scale SharePoint EDRMS projects. We believe RIMtech offers best-in-class electronic recordkeeping skills, methods, and tools to achieve EDRMS project success. RIMtech gave us a learning path that we could utilize to quickly build core competency within our team. We expect to be working closely with RIMtech to deliver world-class advanced EDRMS projects to government and corporate clients throughout North America but especially in the US, which is our primary market. Working with RIMtech, we will deliver the strong SharePoint skills needed in every EDRMS setting based on Microsoft’s M365 platform.”


About RIMtech

RIMtech is a vendor-neutral consulting firm specializing in electronic recordkeeping technology. President Bruce Miller is a leading consultant, author, and educator on electronic recordkeeping, and is widely regarded as the inventor of electronic recordkeeping software. RIMtech offers consulting services, educational programs and materials on electronic recordkeeping matters such as product selection and evaluation, implementation readiness and planning, information governance, standards compliance, and technology assessment. He also consults to software vendors to help them attain product certification, develop products plans, and comply with recordkeeping requirements. More information can be found on their website at

About Cadence

Cadence Solutions, based in Edmonton Alberta is an experienced Systems Integrator and Microsoft partner with extensive experience specializing in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) in strategic partnership with well known document management software providers such as OpenText, Microsoft, SAP and Gimmal. Cadence delivers a highly complementary range of solution design, custom development, integration, architecture, managed services and industry vertical solutions, all based on the Microsoft M365 platform. Cadence is an authorized services representative for SAP, Microsoft, OpenText, and Gimmal. The company delivers services in the USA and Canada.


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