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Having software without a strategy is a sunk cost.

Start with a plan and extract value from what you already have.

Having software without a strategy is more than just a sunk cost; it's a missed opportunity to leverage technology for transformative business growth.   Our IT Strategy offerings ensures that your technology investments are not just expenses, but powerful tools for achieving your business objectives.


We provide the roadmap to align your software capabilities with your strategic goals, turning potential setbacks into stepping stones for success. Partner with us to transform your software from a sunk cost into a strategic asset that drives innovation and competitive advantage.

Our Strategy Offerings

Innovation is the spark, digital transformation is the flame.

SharePoint Governance Playbook

Does your organization need guidance on how to best use Microsoft 365 tools and SharePoint for Information Management, Collaboration, and/or Modern Work.  Cadence Solutions tailored playbooks is the next stages of your Microsoft 365 journey

SharePoint Health Check

Is your organization using SharePoint, but you are not sure if you are using it to the best of its abilities.  Cadence Solutions' SharePoint Health Check is your comprehensive solution for optimizing SharePoint usage and improving information management.

Copilot Readiness

Considering Microsoft Copilot adoption? Seeking future-proof practices for SharePoint and Microsoft 365? Cadence Solutions offers tailored solutions to streamline management, enhance governance, navigate Copilot, and future-proof your experience.

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