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Cadence Solutions Announces Microsoft Purview Training Courses

Hands-on Learning Courses Available for Information and Records Management Using Microsoft 365

Cadence Solutions Announces Microsoft Purview Training Courses , chalkboard with Cadence Solutions logo. Gold Microsoft Partner.
Exclusive, private, hands-on training courses are now available.

Edmonton, AB, Canada - July 10, 2023 - Cadence Solutions is proud to announce the launch of “Microsoft Purview Records Management Training”, a virtual training course focused on Microsoft products for records management (“RM”).

After a successful run of public webinar and workshop initiatives, Cadence Solutions realized there was a desire for how-to education with even more interactivity. The purpose of these training courses is to allow registrants hands-on practice of Microsoft 365 RM tools, providing a more thorough and enrichening learning experience.

Attendees will be guided with live demonstrations and given educational resources, including a sandbox environment. Compared to previous public webinars, these private learning courses encourage a more engaging environment. This will be achieved through smaller class sizes, an adjusted pacing of the curriculum, and longer session durations.

Courses are designed to take place over the course of four half-days, approximately 16 hours total. Each session will have 2 trainers available to answer questions and explain topics in depth. The program will be held monthly, beginning in August 2023.

The takeaway of these courses will be to help Records Management professionals develop knowledge to help improve their own business operations. Cadence Solutions believes that this initiative will be complementary to their company mission, which is to bring forth successful digital transformations around RM and information technology projects.


About Cadence Solutions

The Cadence Solutions mandate has been to help organizations struggling with digital transformation and implement projects without losing their trust and confidence. Solutions include automation of drawings and records management, human resources, finance, accounts payable, contract management, document capture, as well as managed services. Cadence Solutions has proven, time and again, that projects will be successful because of their unmatched experience and authenticity.

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