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Records Management Training

Duration:  3 Half Days

Delivery:  Virtual

Dates:  See Available Dates Below

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft 365 for Records Management and hands-on experience using Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Purview compliance portal. This course gives participants the ability to configure their own SharePoint sites, create and manage retention schedules, and facilitate disposition approvals all within a controlled training environment. By completing this course, participants will have a solid foundation in Microsoft 365 for Records Management, acquiring essential skills and practical experience necessary for effectively managing records and information within their organizations.

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12 CEUs



12 CMPs



12 CEUs

Learning Unit 1

Microsoft 365 Basics for Records Management 

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 

  • SharePoint Online Fundamentals for Records Management 

  • Folders vs Document Sets 

  • Content Types, Term Store & Metadata 

  • Permissions 

  • Teams Fundamentals for Records Management 

  • Collaboration and Connection between SharePoint Online and Teams 

  • M365 Data Governance and Information Architecture 

Learning Unit 2

Records Management Fundamentals 

  • M365 Purview Compliance Portal Overview 

  • Licensing Requirements 

  • Records Management Solution Overview 

  • Retention Labels and Label Policies 

  • File Plan and Bulk Upload 

  • Static vs Adaptive Scopes  

  • Roles and Role Groups  

Learning Unit 3

Records Management Advanced

  • Event-based Retention 

  • Keyword Query Language (KQL) 

  • Auto-apply Label Policies 

  • Disposition of Records 

  • Retention Precedence 

  • M365 Records Management Best Practices & Limitations 

Upcoming Course Dates

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