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Copilot Readiness

A diagnostic with an added assessment of your organization's readiness to adopt AI through Copilot

Is your organization extensively using SharePoint and it is getting harder to managed and keep controlled?

Is there a desire to adopt Microsoft Copilot but your organization is unsure about the impacts?

Does your organization want to further improve your Microsoft 365 experience by utilizing AI?

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

Elevate your organization's Microsoft 365 experience with Cadence Solutions. Our tailored solutions and expert guidance empower you to optimize SharePoint usage, smoothly adopt Microsoft Copilot, and seamlessly integrate AI technology. Experience enhanced efficiency, control, and innovation as you navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Our Approach

We will assess your usage of Microsoft 365 from three key aspects:​

  1. People – through collaborative workshops, Cadence will get a picture of how your people use SharePoint, OneDrive and Purview​

  2. Platform – using technical assessment tools such as Purview, Data Access Governance and SharePoint Advanced Management we uncover the oversharing and gaps in Governance ​

  3. Findings & Recommendations – A report detailing the necessary changes to be Microsoft Copilot ready.

The Benefits

Our team of seasoned Microsoft 365 experts will deliver expert guidance, offering best practice recommendations to steer clients towards optimal adoption of Microsoft Copilot. With our thorough preparation and risk mitigation strategies, organizations can confidently embrace Microsoft Copilot, ensuring a smooth and successful integration without compromising on efficiency or security.

Key Features

  • Educational workshops to gather requirements and educate your team

  • Identified opportunities for improvement within your information governance

  • Recommendations on Microsoft 365, Purview and SharePoint protections to achieve governance

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Take the First Step

Embrace the powers of AI by partnering with Cadence Solutions and getting guidance on how best to navigate Microsoft Copilot.

Why Cadence Solutions

  • Content AI Partner Program Charter Member and Microsoft Solutions Modern Work Partner

  • Extensive experience in SharePoint and Microsoft Purview

  • Proven track record in developing and implementing successful information governance strategies

Microsoft Content AI Partner Program Charter Member
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