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eDiscovery Training

Duration:  2 Half Days

Delivery:  Virtual

Dates:  See Available Dates Below

In the event of a legal case, how prepared will your organization be?

In this training course focused on Microsoft Purview Audit, Content Search and eDiscovery our experienced trainers underscore the significance of legal hold issues, security audits, and sensitive data protection, particularly in the context of potential litigation. This course will give participants the ability to effectively react to forensic audits, litigation, and record requests, as they will participate in hands on eDiscovery scenarios. With our course, you will be well-prepared to harness the full potential of Microsoft Purview eDiscovery while mitigating legal challenges effectively.

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8 CEUs



8 CMPs



8 CEUs

Learning Unit 1

Report on Data with Audit & Content Search 

  • Introduction to Purview Audit 

  • Learn the importance of rich defensible auditing  

  • Learn how to generate audit reports and how to interpret them. 

  • Gain knowledge on all auditable activities in M365 

  • Learn how to use Purview Content Search to find, report, and extract information across your M365 landscape 

  • Review best practices on how audit investigations can be done at your organization 

Learning Unit 2

Investigate, Protect and Preserve Data with Purview eDiscovery. 

  • Defining eDiscovery: Understand its importance, lifecycle and key concepts 

  • Purview’s Role in eDiscovery: Tools introduction, features, edge over competitors and licensing requirements 

  • Learn the differences between Audit vs Content Search vs eDiscovery (Standard) vs eDiscovery (Premium) and when to use them.  

  • Learn how to search for M365 content. 

  • Learn how to apply Data holds and preserve content 

  • Learn how to best use advanced eDiscovery review tools such as indexing, tagging, analytics, OCR, and annotations.  

  • Learn how to package, send, and present your cases with third party legal teams.  

Upcoming Course Dates

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