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Data Loss Prevention 

Duration:  3 Half Days

Delivery:  Virtual

Dates:  See Available Dates Below

This course is designed to provide you with a deep dive into Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Information Protection, aligning perfectly with your transition into Microsoft 365 Purview. Throughout this comprehensive training program, participants follow along real-world scenarios for organizations transitioning to M365 in a variety of industries. Activities will follow the Purview Data Governance lifecycle, starting from “Knowing your Data” with Purview Data Classification, to “Protecting Your Data” with Information Protection (Sensitivity Labels) to finally, “Preventing Data Loss” with Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP), thus equipping participants with the knowledge to implement or improve your organizations Data Governance Program.

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12 CEUs



12 CMPs



12 CEUs

Learning Unit 1

Data Classification in Microsoft Purview

  • What is Data Classification & why is it important? 

  • What are Purview Classifiers? 

  • Licenses Required for Data Classification 

  • How to locate your sensitive data 

  • How to Automatically detect your sensitive data 

  • Out of the Box Sensitive Info Types (SITs) 

  • How to fine tune existing SITs 

  • How to create customize SITs 

  • Find and react to all your data using: 

    • Content Explorer 

    • Activity Explorer 

Learning Unit 2

Sensitivity Labels & Information Protection

  • What are Sensitivity Labels & why they are important for Data Governance? 

  • Licensing options for Sensitivity labels 

  • How sensitivity labels protect your data through 

    • Encryption settings 

    • Access Control settings 

    • Content Marking options 

  • Learn how to create Sensitivity Labels 

  • Learn the difference between label application methods 

  • How to automatically protect your sensitive data with Auto Labelling Policies 

  • Learn what roles you need to protect your sensitive data 

Learning Unit 3

Data Loss Prevention Basics

  • What is Data Loss Prevention & Why it is important? 

  • Learn industry leading use cases for DLP & Types of data threats. 

  • Licensing Options for DLP 

  • How DLP Policies protect you and your data 

  • Learn the DLP deployment Lifecycle 

  • Create Advanced DLP Policies 

  • Learn how to react to data loss through DLP Alerts 

  • Learn about Endpoint for DLP and how Purview can be extended beyond M365 

  • What roles you need to prevent Data Loss 

Upcoming Course Dates

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