cadence (noun)

the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity

Cadence Solutions wants to improve your organization's rhythm through digital transformation

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Our Story

Jordan Uytterhagen founded Cadence Solutions starting on your side of the table.  He was working for a local municipality that was beginning a digital transformation project with an external vendor – a “Big logo” company.  “Big Logo” continually broke promises, extended timelines and turned over resources.  The result in only 3 months was an evaporated budget, delayed project, little trust and the termination of “Big Logo”.


Motivated by this experience, Jordan went out on his own with the mentality of “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!”  His mandate, since establishing Cadence Solutions, has been to implement a project without losing the trust and confidence of the client.


Cadence Solutions has proven, time and again, that your project will be successful because we are authentic with unmatched experience.  We bring cadence to every project.  We will bring cadence to your organization.

Why Us?


"Success and Satisfaction is the only Outcome a

Client can Expect Working with Cadence."

Jordan Uytterhagen

Managing Director, Cadence Solutions

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