OpenText Content Server & Extended ECM


OpenText Content Suite is a leading edge ECM software that includes a platform to unite capture, document and records management, forms with workflows, searching and archiving.  Additional modules such as email management, eDiscovery, auto-classification, contract management and engineering document management are also available.

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OpenText Content Suite facilitates an agile information governance strategy, designed to reduce risk and mitigate the cost of growing volumes of content within your organization, ultimately allowing your organization to focus on using your information to drive growth and innovation.

OpenText Content Suite is available to be used directly on-site, across mobile devices and in the cloud.  Visit OpenText for more information.

OpenText Intelligent Capture (Captiva)


With the latest announcement and consolidation of Capture and Captiva comes OpenText Intelligent Capture.  With OpenText Intelligent Capture organizations can automate entire processes, routing any piece of content that comes into their organization, no matter how simple or complicated.  OpenText Intelligent Capture supports the widest range of business applications:

  • Basic scanning, imaging and archiving

  • Advanced Recognition - including automating classification and data extraction of incoming documents

  • Enterprise scalability and security supports the widest range of capture applications

Using OpenText Intelligent Capture, users will be able to automatically capture paper documents, scanned images, email and faxes using sophisticated document and character recognition.  With this software, organizations can reduce manual keying and paper handling resulting in fewer errors and reducing compliance risks.

If your organization in interested in automating it's processes and want to know more about what Intelligent Capture can do, visit OpenText for more information.

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