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OpenText Content Suite is an ECM software that includes a platform to unite capture, document and records management, forms with workflows, searching and archiving.  Additional modules such as email management, eDiscovery, auto-classification, contract management and engineering document management are also available.

OpenText Content Suite facilitates an agile information governance strategy, designed to reduce risk and mitigate the cost of growing volumes of content within your organization, ultimately allowing your organization to focus on using your information to drive growth and innovation.

OpenText Extended ECM Platform

OpenText™ Extended ECM is an enterprise CMS platform that securely governs the information lifecycle by integrating with leading enterprise applications, such as SAP®, Microsoft® 365, Salesforce and SAP SuccessFactors®. Bringing content and processes together, Extended ECM provides access to information when and where it is needed, improves decision-making and drives operational effectiveness.

Users can expect enhanced productivity and eliminated barriers to adoption because users remain within the business application they are most comfortable with, while simultaneously accessing all the necessary information to get their job done. Users without access to the lead application can work with the same content used within the driving process via the Extended ECM Smart View. This intuitive UI displays select metadata related to the business object being managed in the lead application.

OpenText Records Management

OpenText™ Records Management provides a common records management service for all types of information. Records managers benefit from automated and transparent processes that remove the complexity and labor requirements traditionally associated with managing critical enterprise information.  OpenText Records Management reduces the risk and cost of unmanaged information. As a key component to the OpenText Content Suite, OpenText Records Management empowers your organization to govern corporate holdings according to organizational policies, managing the complete lifecycle of all enterprise information, ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing the risks associated with audit and litigation and maximizing the value of the information.

OpenText Content Server

OpenText Content Server forms the document management cornerstone of the OpenText Content Suite and provides secure, enterprise-wide control over any type of content – from contracts to engineering drawings, system reports, email messages, images, rich media, and much more. OpenText Enterprise Connect helps users interact with OpenText Content Suite directly from applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.


Content Server provides:

  • Access to content anytime, anywhere in an interface as simple to use as consumer apps

  • Role-based views that minimize training requirements and align content to business process

  • Quick and easy content creation and editing through productivity tools like Microsoft® Office, Microsoft Outlook®, or Adobe® Acrobat®

  • Social features delivered in-line with content to improve collaboration and enrich search

  • Simple content navigation through a variety of means, from faceted browse to project workspaces

  • Improved productivity using workflows for processes such as change requests, or review and approval of content

  • Robust, multi-lingual metadata capabilities to address needs of global users

  • Comprehensive version management, audit history, and permissions management

OpenText Physical Objects

Integrate with Applications: Integrates with numerous applications through Extended ECM solutions.

Automate Information Governance and Security: Applies retention and preservation with minimal user involvement through intelligent classifications, real time automation of holds, automated scheduled disposition, and export to a long-term preservation solution, such as OpenText™ Archive Center.


Demonstrate Defensible Disposition: Automates the process of ensuring records are maintained if legally required and defensibly destroyed at the end of the lifecycle; features include detailed disposition reports, disposition review and approval process, destruction reports and rich audit features.


Manage Physical Records Alongside Electronic Records: Relies on one system to manage the lifecycle of physical and electronic records. Create, label, and manage any type of physical item, track and transfer records and manage capacity with built-in storage warehouse management capabilities and know the location of physical records with circulation management.

OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering

Extended ECM for Engineering is a business solution on the OpenText Extended ECM platform that helps efficiently control risk to engineering project scope, schedule, and costs. It gives owner-operators and engineering companies faster returns on investment by speeding time to project completion/production and enabling efficient asset operations. The solution provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and controlling engineering documents and work processes.

Extended ECM for Engineering helps customers control engineering change and exchange, integrate sources of engineering and asset information and consequently, control risk. It enables all stakeholders of complex engineering projects to work faster and deliver their best work. It helps ensure compliance to regulatory, contractual, and legal obligations from the start of the engineering project through to handover and ongoing operations. By integrating the resulting engineering information tightly with asset operations and maintenance, the solution ensures a sole source of engineering truth across the enterprise from the inception of an asset to its decommissioning. This helps stakeholders get to production revenues quicker, reduce costs, adhere to timelines, and ensure commercial and technical compliance, as well as controlling associated risk.


xECM for Engineering provides:

  • Engineering workspaces for projects, assets and beyond

  • Dashboards to complete engineering jobs, control risk and ease user experience

  • Geospatial navigation of engineering and asset information

  • Ability to control engineering work process and information

  • Specific Diagnostic information and tools for correct automation

  • Managing revisions of engineering content

  • Integration CAD Formats and Systems

  • Controlling engineering work process and information

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