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How to Enable Commenting on Objects in Smart UI

Title: How to Enable Commenting on Objects in SmartUI. OpenText. Photo of comment speech bubbles against blue baackground.
OpenText Content Server allows commenting as a form of communication.

Ever needed a quick way to tack on a virtual sticky note for your colleagues to read?

A great way for users to communicate across folders is by using the comment section. For example, you may indicate that a file is a dummy or pending approval, before a collaborator deletes it by mistake.

You may also include emoticons or attachments in the comment section. Attachments could comprise of screenshots, helpful cat GIFs, or an additional document for context.

This feature is possible for users of Smart UI in OpenText Content Server 22.2. The level of which the Comment column may be accessed can also customized to the user’s preference.

To configure the custom Comments column:

Make the custom Comment column available by performing the following steps:

  1. On the Global Menu bar, select Facets Volume from the Enterprise menu

  2. Navigate into the “Others” folder

  3. From the Comments Functions menu, select Properties > Availability.

  4. Select “Available everywhere”

  5. Click Update.

You may also toggle the Comments column to be visible in browse view.

  1. On the Global Menu bar, from the Admin menu, select “Content Server Administration”.

  2. Under Server Configuration, click “Configure Features”.

  3. Click “Configure Container Options”.

  4. In the Column Customization area, checkmark the “Allow Browse List Column Customization” box.


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