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Quick Tip - Removing Tabs from Business Workspace in Perspective Manager

Summary An issue often encountered when using the Perspective Manager to edit/configure a business workspace perspective is the inability to remove tabs. This wiki will quickly show how you can remove tabs and save yourself some time.

Scenario A user is looking to remove tabs from a Business Workspace. See "Annoying Tab", the tab that needs to be removed.

opentext perspective manager,
Sometimes, there is a tab in the OpenText Perspective Manager that looks like it cannot be removed.


Start by deselecting the tab ("Annoying tab") you want to remove by clicking on a separate tab.

Business Workplace metadata , extended ecm platform, opentext tab
Click into another tab.

Drag and Drop the Tab you want to remove out of the in-line bar.

removing tab in opentext ECM perspective manager
Drag and drop the unwanted tab into oblivion.

The unwanted tab is now removed from the perspective.

It's a simple and quick solution for something that has caused lots of headaches.


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