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Physical Records
Check-Up with
the Alberta Health Ministry

Alberta Health Services Success Story

The Alberta Health Ministry was imprisoned in a legacy EDRMS application, iRIMS which was utilized for Physical Records Tracking within the ministry. The iRIMS system was outdated, unsupported and lacking key records management features. Additionally, iRIMS was operating on outdated operating systems, databases and client machines requiring constant maintenance and upkeep.


The Health Ministry selected Cadence Solutions to find the right solution for an iRIMS replacement. Cadence Solutions recommended OpenText Content Suite 16, as it has more Physical Records features than iRIMS, in addition to Electronic Records management and an out of the box disposition approval workflow process. Cadence configured Content Server 16 and migrated all Physical Records from the legacy iRIMS platform while training both Health Ministry and Service Alberta records management personnel. All records were migrated into Content Server 16 with a 100 percent success rate resulting in a project coming in on time and under budget.




– Limited application for active files and physical records
– Short Timeline
– Unsupported Software

OpenText Solutions

OpenText Content Suite 16
Physical Objects

Cadence Solutions provided an on time and below budget migration of our content from IRIMS to Content Server. Working with Cadence was a pleasure as they were always prepared and provided us with options that were well within the project budget. They also did a great job of ensuring there was no scope creep and as a result we came in on time and below budget with zero data errors.

Cathy Simpson, Director, Enterprise Content Management





Edmonton, AB


Did you know?

The Government of Alberta has a total of 27 ministries.

Alberta Health Services Success Story
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