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Top 5 Things We Learnt at the 2023 Microsoft 365 Conference

Cadence Solutions is proud to have attended the 2023 Microsoft 365 Conference as Gold Sponsors.

At the event, Cadence Solutions had a booth at the exhibition hall, giving us the chance to meet and greet new faces. We also hosted a session focused on Microsoft Syntex, and its effectiveness for Expense Receipt Capture and Auto Classifying Records.

MGM GRAND HOTEL IN Las Vegas, empty conference meeting space, near BALLROOM.
The 2023 M365 Conference took place at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas.

The Cadence Team was also there to learn from industry insiders, attendees, and other vendors. The Keynotes and other exciting announcements rolled in throughout the week by Microsoft Experts and Industry Leaders.

Here are 5 things we learned at our time in Las Vegas.

  1. Co-pilot is going to change how we work. Generative AI is one thing, but having these capabilities embedded in your day-to-day User Interface is going to accelerate a massive transformation and make a big impact on an employee’s day-to-day experience.

  2. Content AI with Syntex is the next step in the Intelligence transformation. Harnessing the information and insights contained in documents is a new frontier and holds the potential to unlock a significant increase in productivity for many organizations. We also know that most of our clients have Terabytes and Terabytes of documents sitting dormant, and the ability to dig into those documents using Syntex’s Content AI capabilities will unlock so much value for organizations.

  3. Power Platform ties together the Microsoft stack and puts automation in the hands of users. The accessibility and flexibility of the PowerAutomate platform enables all users to take advantage of automation to wildly increase productivity. On top of that, the low-code approach to developing business applications will increase the development of new solutions and reduce the barriers that exist for many automation opportunities.

  4. Keys to effective virtual engagement lie in tools like Viva and Teams, configured to bridge the gap between remote teams. As an organization that primarily delivers virtually, we see the value in tools to make the virtual experience inspiring and engaging, and the continued updates to Viva and Teams continue to place a focus on developing tools to keep teams engaged and excited about the work we are doing.

  5. Microsoft continues to innovate on the leading edge of productivity. We can’t say where the world would be without the Microsoft Office suite of products, but the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with it’s new AI enablement stands at the bleeding edge of improving and simplifying our working lives. With increased productivity and capacity comes ability to innovate and develop new ideas, and we are very excited for the opportunity to be a part of many clients’ journeys as they make the best use of these world-class tools to transform their business.

  6. And… last but not least, we learned that us cold-hardened Canadians are not super comfortable in the heat of Vegas!


About Cadence Solutions

Jordan Uytterhagen founded Cadence Solutions starting on the client side of the table. His mandate has been to help organizations struggling with digital transformation implement projects without losing their trust and confidence. Our solutions include automation of human resources, finance, accounts payable, contract management, document capture, drawing and records management, as well as managed services. Cadence Solutions has proven, time and again, that our client's projects will be successful because we are authentic with unmatched experience.


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