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How to Publish a Retention Label in Microsoft Purview

Summary This wiki outlines how to publish Retention Labels to end user locations through a Retention Label Policy.

Scenario When you are creating retention labels, they are solely available in the Purview File Plan and not where you need them to be used, until you publish them to defined locations in your tenant environment. If retention labels are not published, they cannot be utilized by end users. Therefore, how do we publish retention labels?


Step 2: Select “Records Management”

Step 3: Select “Label Policies”

Step 4: Select “Publish Labels”​​​​​​​

Step 5: Select the labels you want to publish for your new policy.

  • Note: We recommend keeping all your labels per department as best practice. Therefore, if you want to create a label policy for a specific department, you will select all the previously created labels that correspond to a single department.

Step 6: Select Adaptive Scope followed by the adaptive scope you previously created for the department.

Step 7: Enter a name and a description for your new policy.

  • Note: Again, it is highly recommended to name it based on the department you are targeting.

Step 8: Review your policy settings and select “Submit”.

  • Note: As mentioned in the below screenshot, most labels will become available to your users within 7 days but could be earlier. Simply keep this in consideration when creating and implementing new retention label policies within your organization.


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