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Microsoft Build 2022 – Top 5 New Information Management features to get excited about!

1. Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, everything you need, in 1 place!

Most companies today, are moving towards a hybrid work model, making it harder than ever to manage their data securely and effectively, as its spread thin across their organization. Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform introduces a revolutionary world where one can

manage their databases, analytics, and security governance all under one unified platform. While utilizing the power of the cloud, you can now host all your data into one secure location accessible from anywhere, allowing for increased global analytics capabilities, and accurate security governance across all.

With the constant increase of data in organizations and new security regulations in place, is it very challenging to manage these ever-changing data governance requirements across multiple platforms and locations. Therefore, Microsoft is pushing towards creating a holistic map for all your data using Microsoft Purview as a governance center. Whether you are using data on-premises or on the cloud, if your data is contained within the Microsoft eco-system, you can have access to a unified governance solution that maximizes the business value of your data.

2. Microsoft Teams just got Better!

You thought Microsoft Teams had already reached its full potential? You thought wrong! At Build 2022, Microsoft announced Collaborative Apps, allowing the integration of third-party apps within Teams. You will now have access to all sorts of Third-Party apps extending your business capabilities, as well as the ability to create your own custom app extension with visual studio code allowing you to manage custom internal process right within Teams!

Microsoft also announced the new Live Share feature allowing participants to collaborate more than ever before. Live Share will allow users to Co-Create and Co-Edit documents with new annotation capabilities as well as extending the screen share function even further with the capability to Co-Watch external videos, together, in real-time, making the hybrid workplace more natural and interactive.

3. Power Platforms accessible to anyone!

If you haven’t explored the Power Platforms capabilities yet, now is the best time to get started! Microsoft just announced their new standalone product Power Pages which now empowers anyone, regardless of their technical background, with an effective platform to create data-powered, modern, and secure websites. This can allow your organization to create external facing websites and capture the necessary data internally within your Microsoft eco-system.

Think of a business process which requires external users to submit confidential documents to your organization. This process is normally hard to handle due to the lack of security components found within the submission process all together. With Power Pages, an external facing submission webpage can easily be created to securely handle the submitted documents. Since everything in the Microsoft eco-system can now be connected to one another, we can take this a step further and have all submitted documents be sent directly to your SharePoint site repository, notify you when a new submission comes in and so on. The possibilities offered by the Power Platforms are endless and now very much accessible to anyone.

4. Interactive Power BI reports in PowerPoint!

As the world becomes increasingly more data driven, most presentations we create, and share include data in some form or another. If you have been inserting static Power BI screenshots into your presentations, you know how time-consuming this can be and how in lacks the rich interactive capabilities of Power BI itself.

As a remedy, Microsoft announced the new ability to embed live, interactive Power BI reports directly in your PowerPoint presentations. As attendees react to the insights you’re sharing, you can interact with the visuals and change the data live, allowing you to make decisions with your team without ever leaving PowerPoint. Look for the new Power BI button in the ribbon of your PowerPoint desktop application!

5. Azure Form Recognizer, Applied AI Services at its finest!

For those of you not familiar with Form Recognizer, this service analyzes your forms and documents, extracts text and data, maps field relationships as key-value pairs. You can quickly get accurate results that are tailored to your specific content without excessive manual intervention or extensive data science expertise. You can use Form Recognizer to automate your data processing in applications and workflows, enhance data-driven strategies, and enrich document search capabilities.

Microsoft announced even more new capabilities for this service allowing you to create custom models to extract text from unstructured documents! So, if you have different documents containing extractable data that don’t follow a specific template or layout, Azure Applied AI Services used in Azure Form Recognizer is now so powerful that it can accurately extract data out of your documents regardless of where it is found on the page!


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