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M365 Records Gamechanger - Multi-stage retention in Microsoft Purview / Compliance Center

Recently Microsoft announced the public preview of multi-stage retention. This announcement is a records management game changer in Microsoft 365 Purview, formerly Compliance Center. Previously the only event-based options were “Delete Items Automatically” and “Start a Disposition Review”. I recently mentioned this in a presentation I gave at AIIM 2022.

Now, with the new functionality of being able to change the label after the retention period, this opens the door for many records functions in addition to some interesting cleanup capabilities. Yes, we can use the records engine for more than just dispositioning. At Cadence, we also like to make IT happy on our projects, and with multi-staged retentions, we can. The possibilities are open now to utilize Microsoft Purview Compliance Center to move records into a state of archive. Functionality such as removal of previous versions, rendering documents and records into the industry standard PDF/A, and moving records to archival SharePoint Sites, Document Libraries, or secured areas.

We can clean up the house (files) and prepare for archival just as the paper world has done for decades. We’ve utilized this functionality with OpenText Content Server (Extended ECM, Livelink) and now it’s a level playing field with Microsoft 365.

About Cadence Solutions

Jordan Uytterhagen founded Cadence Solutions starting on the client side of the table. His mandate has been to help organizations struggling with digital transformation implement projects without losing their trust and confidence. Our solutions include automation of human resources, finance, accounts payable, contract management, document capture, drawing and records management, as well as managed services. Cadence Solutions has proven, time and again, that our client's projects will be successful because we are authentic with unmatched experience.


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