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How to Create a Content Center for SharePoint Premium (formerly Syntex) Models

Summary Content Centers look like SharePoint sites however they serve as a central content repository for managing your own SharePoint Premium (formerly Syntex) models. From the Content center, you can create and train models to classify and extract information from documents. These models can then be published to any SharePoint site or library in your tenant therefore these models are not library or site-specific. Scenario We will create a content center called "Contoso Content Center" in the Cadence Kascadia tenant.

Prerequisites Have the following SharePoint Premium licenses enabled:

  1. Common data service for SharePoint Premium

  2. SharePoint Premium

  3. SharePoint Premium - SPO Type

Resolution To create a new content center, select the admin center app from the app launcher menu in the top left corner.

Select the SharePoint Admin Center from the left side menu.

From the SharePoint admin center home page (1) select active sites from the left-hand side menu (2) Select the create button (3) This will open a pop-up side panel and from here select other options.

From the list of templates select Content center and fill in the required fields.

After selecting save you have now successfully created a new content center to store models.


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