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RIMTech Certifies Microsoft Services Provider

Cadence Solutions has achieved certification from RIMtech as a Provider of EDRMS (Electronic Document & Records Management System) solutions based on the Microsoft M365/SharePoint platform. As a certified provider, Cadence can now deliver advanced electronic recordkeeping solutions in accordance with RIMtech’s proven methods, tools, and techniques. Cadence is a Microsoft partner specializing in services for electronic information management. The firm has already delivered its first solution – to a national non-profit agency.


Cadence will be delivering electronic recordkeeping solutions to the US and Canadian government and corporate markets. The company will be working with RIMtech, utilizing RIMtech’s methods and tools including advanced software-ready retention schedules, records-compliant metadata, and EDRMS information architecture to deliver turnkey enterprise solutions that are fully records-compliant.

Working from Home
COVID 19 : The Digital Wake up Call

With the unbelievable outbreak of COVID-19, the need for social distancing and the instant work from home, for many organizations it separated the prepared from the unprepared. Some are business as usual with a slight online shift. Some are scrambling to move to a remote workforce, and some are simply stuck coming into the office.

Almost overnight, Laptops, Network Connectivity, and Digital Systems became critical infrastructure for business continuity.  I’ve heard many stories from our customers, prospects and industry connections about the immediate need to have employees work from home to ensure minimal business disruption.

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