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Water Authority

Cadence brought significant improvements for a Water Authority in Massachusetts and assisted them with transitioning into a new stage of document control and operational efficiency.


This Water Authority partnered with Cadence to address challenges in their document management processes. The central objective was the implementation of an electronic and physical document management system - OpenText Content Server. The driving desire behind the project was this Water Authority was experiencing a lack of control over engineering documents, issues with tracking physical records, and the absence of automated processes for day-to-day operations and the destruction processes.​

Implemented Solution


In a two-phase approach, Cadence successfully implemented the following:

Information Architecture for Records Management and Engineering & Construction Departments

In the initial phase, Cadence and the Water Authority developed an Information Architecture tailored for both the Records Management and Engineering & Construction Departments. This foundational step aimed to create a structured framework that optimally organized and categorized information, enhancing accessibility for these departments.


Records Management Module Implementation

Subsequently, Cadence configured the OTCS Records Management Module based on OpenText best practices. This module seamlessly integrated with the established Information Architecture, facilitating the application of retention schedules to the folders within this structured framework. This implementation not only ensured a systematic and organized approach to records management but also provided a solution for adhering to one retention plan across the organization.


Physical Objects Module

As part of the comprehensive solution, Cadence introduced the dedicated Physical Objects module. This module allowed users to efficiently track the transfers and circulation of physical objects, improving the logistics between warehouses and ongoing construction projects. This functionality enhanced overall visibility and control over the movement of physical records within the organization.


Extended ECM for Engineering Module

In the subsequent phase, Cadence implemented the Extended ECM for Engineering solution.

This step required significant reorganization of the department's internal operations. This solution not only addressed engineering document control but also automated several internal processes, facilitating a transition from traditional paper-based workflows to a digital format. Notably, this implementation not only met the internal operational needs but also catered to collaboration with external users. The solution also accommodated the utilization of XREFs, further enhancing collaboration and efficiency in engineering processes.


Migration of Physical and Electronic Records

Cadence took on the responsibility of migrating thousands of physical and electronic items, employing a custom migration tool. The successful execution of this migration process not only met immediate needs but also equipped the Water Authority with a tool for potential future internal migrations.



As a result of the broad implementation, Cadence successfully optimized the Water Authority's records and operations. The introduction of the Physical Objects Module modernized the tracking of physical objects, while the Extended ECM for Engineering solution not only digitized internal operations but also facilitated collaboration with external users. The combined outcomes reflect increased efficiency, enhanced control over documents, and improved collaboration within the Water Authority's operational landscape.

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