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Manage records natively in Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online

That’s the single biggest question we’ve been asked the past three years.  How can you manage Case Closure of records out-of-the-box with SharePoint Online / M365?  


Well, its about time you found us.

Cadence can demonstrate the power of the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center for Out-of-Box SharePoint Records Management.


Disposition Approvals, Retention Policies, eDiscovery, Legal Holds, Labels, File Plans - it can be confusing in the Compliance Center but rest assured we have it handled.  Records Management can be accomplished entirely out-of-the-box with Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.

Let us show you!
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Utilizing proper content governance makes it easier to apply accurate records management within your SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environments. Every document stored in SharePoint is managed as a record and will be assigned to the appropriate location, with the correct content tags.  This ensures that the correct records management retention policies and file plans are always applied.  By automating this process, your organization removes the risk of manual entry mistakes and ensures your corporate records are secure.


The success of your SharePoint deployment will be largely driven by metadata. All SharePoint deployments require metadata. No two businesses are alike, therefore the metadata that works best for you is customized to your particular business. We will work with you to define suitable metadata that fits your business practices and ensure recordkeeping compliance. 

We configure SharePoint Online by defining all the libraries, content types, metadata, security permissions, etc. needed to fit your business perfectly, while meeting all recordkeeping compliance requirements. 

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Organizations often have a legacy document management system that contains millions of records accumulated over many years of operation. We can help you migrate the content of the legacy system into SharePoint. Once migrated to SharePoint Online, these documents can then be fully compliant with the retention schedule rules. 

Most organizations have critical line of business systems. These systems are used to manage critical business functions such as human resources, financial, asset management, customer management, etc. We often integrate these systems with SharePoint Online, so that current corporate data is surfaced within SharePoint Online such as employees, customers, assets, etc. 

Learn more about how we can help with your Records Management Solution
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