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Streamlining Records Management for a Leading Pipeline Company


The Pipeline Company faced significant challenges in managing their records efficiently. With an extensive array of emails, engineering documents, inactive SharePoint sites, and employee offboarding data, the company struggled to comply with legal requirements, manage security, and optimize storage costs. The complexity of their existing systems made it difficult to maintain compliance, increase security, and support legal processes effectively. 


Cadence, a leader in Microsoft 365 Records Management solutions, was approached to overhaul the Pipeline Company's records management system. Cadence designed and implemented four key workstreams using Microsoft 365 Records Management: 


1.  Email Management: 

  • Approach: Cadence conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify emails considered records by different functional groups, grouping users by cost center. They collaborated with the Records Management team to set default email retention periods and created user-friendly classification rules to foster adoption. Comprehensive training and change management materials were provided to ensure smooth implementation. 

  • Outcome: This approach leveraged Microsoft Purview to manage, retain, and dispose of email records within Exchange Online, improving compliance, security, and legal support.


2.  Electronic Document Management for Engineering Records

  • Approach: Cadence evaluated and enhanced the existing SharePoint Online architecture, integrating it with Purview Records Management. They automated retention label application and conducted training on the importance of records management. 

  • Outcome: This ensured compliance and eliminated legal risks for the company's crucial engineering records. 

3.  Inactive SharePoint Site and Microsoft Team Decommissioning Process

  • Approach: Cadence established an automated decommissioning process for inactive SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams, based on a retention schedule. They provided scripts for identifying inactive sites and a multi-staged approval process for deletion. 

  • Outcome: This process significantly reduced content sprawl, compliance gaps, and storage costs. 

4.  Former Employee Offboarding and Data Retention: 

  • Approach: Cadence conducted an analysis of the company's offboarding process and provided a tailored roadmap for managing Microsoft licenses, retaining OneDrive and Email content using Microsoft Purview, and performing legal holds with Purview eDiscovery. 

  • Outcome: This ensured a streamlined offboarding process, aligning with the company's retention schedule and legal requirements. 



The implementation of these solutions by Cadence revolutionized the Pipeline Company’s records management approach. The company witnessed a significant improvement in compliance, security, and operational efficiency. The automated systems reduced manual workload, mitigated legal risks, and optimized resource utilization. Employee training and change management facilitated smooth adoption, ensuring long-term success in records management. 



Cadence's expertise in Microsoft 365 Records Management transformed the Pipeline Company's records management landscape, setting a new standard in efficiency and compliance. This collaboration not only solved immediate challenges but also equipped the company with the tools and knowledge for sustainable records management in the future. 

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