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A Ground up Records Configuration
using Microsoft 365

Cadence donated our time and Microsoft 365 expertise to rebuild the Village of Lytton's records management system after the entire village burnt in a wildfire.

Village of Lytton Success Story

In the Summer of 2021, disaster struck the Village of Lytton, British Columbia.  A wildfire engulfed the village destroying approximately 90% of the village’s property including all the village’s paper records as well as their primary and backup locations for electronic documents and records. Although much was lost, Lytton needed to rebuild and could do so completely from the ground up, an opportunity that rarely presents itself.


The Village of Lytton needed somewhere to begin.

Town of Lytton Fire.webp


Lytton settled on Cadence Solutions as their preferred system implementer. Cadence built a new Microsoft 365 SharePoint Site in Microsoft E5, based on all their functional activities and also created a file plan encompassing all the appropriate retention periods utilizing Microsoft Purview (Compliance Center) for Lytton's records and documents; this included a new record retention plan. This solution ensured that all of Lytton's business activities are captured securely online and protected from inaccurate disposition.


Furthermore, Cadence provided municipal sector best practice recommendations for Lytton to follow for years to come.

Cadence stepped up to help the Village of Lytton after we lost almost all of our records including the majority of our bylaws and policies.  They worked with our team to create a records management system where we could securely store all of our records regarding the rebuild of Lytton in a safe, logical and secure manner. The staff at Cadence was knowledgeable, available and easy to work with and helped to set Lytton up for a successful future."

Shannon Story – Corporate Rebuilding Lead


Lytton can now store all their records in SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online and Microsoft Purview now act as an essential cloud repository always giving Lytton confidence that, their records will be properly stored and retained securely. The new records cloud repository prevents further incorrect record dispositions.


As part of this implementation project, all of Lytton’s departments now have an organized online storage space for every one of their records; they can access them anytime from anywhere giving them the enhanced business connectivity that modern organizations strive for.


The Village of Lytton is a remarkable example for organizations that are starting their records management journey.



Lytton, BC




Did you know?

During summer heat waves, Lytton is often the hottest spot in Canada.  Before the fire, Lytton set a Canadian all-time-high temperature record of 49.6 °C (121.3 °F).
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