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Digital Transformation through Migration

SCRD partnered with Cadence Solutions to seamlessly migrate their Planning and Development division's documents from OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online


The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is a regional government located in British Columbia, Canada. The SCRD provides various local government services to its residents and communities. The SCRD like most municipalities generates many document types such as bylaws, regulations, policies, reports and more. As the volume of content and records continues to grow, the SCRD needed a comprehensive enterprise content management solution to transform how they create, store and dispose of content. They uncovered the need to use SharePoint Online as their current system could no longer keep up with the demands of the modern work experience such as document coauthoring and remote work. Therefore, to pilot digital transformation, SCRD partnered with Cadence Solutions to help them migrate their Planning and Development division's documents from OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online.

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Sunshine Coast Reginal District, BC

Solution Implemented


To achieve SCRD's desired goal of adopting and migrating their content into SharePoint Online, Cadence solutions guided SCRD through 6 key project phases that consisted of: requirements gathering, development configuration, user acceptance testing, migration, end user training and finally the promotion of configuration into SCRD's production environment. Through each phase Cadence gave SCRD the required expertise and help to guarantee success with SCRD's adoption of SharePoint Online. Cadence solutions configured a SharePoint Online site for the Planning and Development division that aligned with industry best practices to reap the benefits of metadata, document sets, improved searchability, simplified permissions, and live document collaboration. To introduce metadata at scale to migrated documents, Cadence leveraged their in-house document set creation tool to pre create thousands of document sets. This process enabled bulk metadata application during the migration from Content Server to SharePoint Online. With new metadata in place users are able to find content quicker by easily searching, sorting, and filtering by metadata.


Additionally, as part of the migration phase, Cadence's in-house migration tool enabled the SCRD to migrate documents and emails from OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online. This tool ensured the efficient and secure transport of documents between these two systems. Thanks to the tool provided by Cadence, SCRD was able to take ownership of the migration. The SCRD then migrated all Planning and Development documents from Content Server to SharePoint Online with the security knowing their file's contents and metadata were preserved.


Upon the completion of the migration the SCRD's end users were able to quickly adapt to SharePoint Online thanks to the extensive training sessions and materials provided by Cadence.


As a result of Cadence's expertise in SharePoint Oline and OpenText Content Server the SCRD was able to successfully migrate their documents between Content Server and SharePoint Online. This collaboration not only accelerated the speed at which SCRD could adopt SharePoint Online but also gave SCRD a standardized and repeatable process that has set them up for success with future migrations of their other departments into SharePoint Online. Overall, Cadence's specialized knowledge and proven record of success ensured the SCRD had a seamless digital transformation experience during their transition to SharePoint Online.



Sechelt, BC




Did you know?

The name "Sunshine Coast" originated when the Black Ball Ferries stated a car ferry service to the coast in 1951 and they started using the term to promote the whole area from Port Mellon to Pender Harbour.
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