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Top 5 Things Cadence is excited about from Ignite 2023

Microsoft Ignite has wrapped up and Jordan Uytterhagen from Cadence Solutions has listed his top 5 announcements which include SharePoint Premium, Syntex, and Microsoft 365.

1. Syntex now Called SharePoint Premium

Microsoft has aligned the Syntex brand back where it began under SharePoint. This will propel the functionality of Syntex which Microsoft admitted struggled with a brand identity. I think this will make it easier to present business cases when asking for funding as who doesn’t know what SharePoint is.

Syntex Now Called SharePoint Premium

2. SharePoint eSignature now available!

eSignature within the tenant of Microsoft 365 better governance and protection is a game changer for anyone in governance. The eSigning of a document doesn’t need to leave the Microsoft 365 boundary! Pair this with the ease of use within the SharePoint sites and Document Libraries.

SharePoint eSignature

3. Documents Hub

The need to have a single place to collaborate with your external vendors, and customers on high value documents. Essentially it provides a single interface for anything shared with that external collaborative user.

Documents Hub

4. Data Access Governance (formerly SharePoint Advanced Management, SAM)

Obtain instant insight into Document Oversharing, Site Access Reviews, and Event Insights such as Large Volume Downloads

Data Access Governance (Formerly SharePoint Advanced Management, SAM)

5. Microsoft 365 Archive & Backup

Two significant yet lesser-known product releases set for 2023, which were finalized at Ignite, are Microsoft 365 Backup and Archive. The main advantage of both these products is that they store data within the Microsoft 365 tenant boundary. Could this make both Governance, Privacy and IT folks all happy at once?

  1. Microsoft 365 Archive Microsoft 365 Archive helps you save on storage costs while keeping your data up-to-date. It lets you move old sites to special archive storage using SharePoint Premium policies. This archive keeps all the details of your OneDrive and SharePoint files, like versions and security, safe. It stores your files securely within Microsoft 365's trust area.

  2. Microsoft 365 Backup Microsoft 365 Backup offers the following features:

    • It allows you to back up either all or specific SharePoint sites, OneDrive accounts, and Exchange mailboxes in your tenant. No more exiting the tenant to another provider!

    • You can restore OneDrive accounts, SharePoint sites, and mailbox items to an earlier state across your entire network.

    • Filter and Search through your backups using important details like site names, owners, subjects, creation or modification dates, and types of events within certain restore point date ranges.

What is Available now?

You can start using SharePoint Premium today (November 20, 2023):

  • Content processing services like document processing, content assembly, OCR, eSignature and more are already generally available under the Syntex brand on a pay-as-you-go basis to most Microsoft 365 plans.

  • You can also purchase content governance under the SharePoint Advanced Management (“SAM”) brand.

2024 Alignment

Services available now under the Syntex brand will be moving to the SharePoint Premium brand in 2024. SharePoint Premium will include two licensing models:

  1. Content processing services, such as document processing, eSignature, PII detection, autofill columns, content assembly, translation and image processing will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis to most Microsoft 365 plans.

  2. New capabilities such as Business Documents app, Documents Hub, and the enhanced file viewer, as well as “SAM” will be available as seat licensed services you can add to Microsoft 365 plans, with pricing to be announced at GA in 2024.


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