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The Updated Purview Experience

Microsoft Purview is the suite of tools that Microsoft offers for Data Governance and Data Compliance. In its current form, Purview has two separate portals - and The former is the data governance portal designed for structured data, while the latter is designed for records management and unstructured content management. The division between the two portals has always been a sore spot for unified data governance as the experience is quite fragmented.


Microsoft has now remediated this issue and is offering the new unified Purview experience in Public Preview. The new portal - - combines all purview functionality across the structured / unstructured data domains and provides a unified experience for governance of all your data connected to your Microsoft tenant.

For those that are familiar with the compliance portal, the new portal will include updated experiences for:

  • Data Lifecycle / File Plans / Retention and Disposition

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Sensitivity Labelling

  • eDiscovery / Content Discovery

And, for those that are more familiar with the Azure Purview portal, the new portal will include new experiences for:

  • Data Cataloging / Mapping

  • Data Sharing

  • Data Classification

The big change here is that by unifying the two portals into one, you get:

  • Simplified access control by being able to assign a simpler set of roles to people for Purview.

  • Unified end-to-end Data Security through being able to use compliance tools to extend governance over your structured data.

  • Look and Feel is improved, providing a modern experience for your purview users.


In addition, the Compliance Manager feature has been updated in the preview to give you a more complete picture of your compliance posture across any data sources that are logged in Purview, including external to Microsoft.


Outside of the above items, the new Purview portal will offer the same great features for data governance and compliance as are in place today. This also means that any configurations currently in Purview will not be interrupted by the switch. You can try the new portal today without any disruption, and even switch back to the classic portal for the time being as well.


Please note that Purview licensing is dependent on having E/A/G 5 licensing (E/A/G 3 offers a subset of functionality) and additional add-on licenses for the data cataloging functionality.


Microsoft is planning to retire the classic portals at the end of 2024, so in advance of that switch we highly recommend that you try out the new portal and get comfortable with the changes.


If you have any questions about how to use Purview (whether in the New Experience or the Classic Experience), Cadence Solutions is a certified Purview training provider. Check out our website at for more information on the available Purview training courses.


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