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Our Top 6 Microsoft Teams Premium Features (And Then Some)!

Caption "Top 6 microsoft teams premium features (and more)". Two business people shaking hands
Our top 6 microsoft teams premium features (and more)!

March 14th, 2023 marks Microsoft Teams‘ 6th anniversary. Since launching in 2017, Teams has seen massive success with over 280 million daily active users.

No matter what Microsoft license you may or may not have, you have probably used Teams in the last three years.

Teams is amongst the lineup of Microsoft products that are seeing major upgrades. It joins other counterparts in the product family that integrate AI, such as Syntex and Power BI. In fact, Microsoft is rumored to be experimenting with AI incorporation into more familiar programs like Word and Outlook.

Teams Premium launched in early 2023, introducing its users to (and gatekeeping, in some cases) more advanced features. This is in response to hybrid and WFH business models becoming more common, as users have been looking for new solutions to meet productivity needs. Regular old video calling just doesn’t cut it anymore.


Here are some of the perks that come with Teams Premium. We see added features that contribute to the user experience, including improving branding cohesion, configurations for convenience, and the introduction of AI to Microsoft 365 desktop applications. Here are our six favorite Teams Premium features:

Screencap from Microsoft. Man sitting in Teams Meeting with various configuration settings in side menu.

1.Meeting Customization

This is the chance to show off your organization’s branding identity. Users can add their company logo, custom images, and branding colours. These changes are visible to all meeting attendees, although the selection of photos is up to users with administrative privileges.

2. Watermarking

Afraid of video leaks? Users can now add a watermark to prevent stolen or leaked material. Watermarks are likely to deter viewers from recording and re-uploading unauthorized footage.

Watermark settings including the option to add one to videos and share content. Add a watermark to content and videos shared in Teams meeting to protect confidential data.
Adding a watermark is a great way to protect your Teams meeting data in case of unauthorized reproduction.

And even if they do, it’s a great way to show viewers of that reuploaded material where the original source is. While the concept of watermarking is not new, facilitating more privacy in Teams calls is.

3. Video Reproduction Permissions

Teams Premium now allows permissions to decide who can record meetings, which is especially helpful for private conversations. Further to that, administrators can disable viewers from copying text from the chat window.

Screencap of a Teams meeting with various company watermarks
Teams Premium opens up the options for added encryption and privacy measures.

For organizations with E5 licenses, users will have an added privilege. Compliance admins can configure these settings for Teams meetings in Microsoft Purview to determine which meeting options should be enforced and when. Meeting organizers can leverage sensitivity labels to automatically apply the most relevant and important settings based on the sensitivity of the meeting.

4. Meeting Templates

On the IT admin side, meeting templates are now available. Meeting templates are helpful for customizing meeting settings- for example, a department team meeting would be structured differently from a client discovery call. IT staff may configure templates according to business needs and policies.

Screencap. Drop down menu under 'new meeting' button. Options include 'schedule meeting' , 'virtual appointment', 'webinar', and 'meeting templates'.
Explore meeting templates when you click on the "New Meeting" dropdown menu.

For users with a Teams for Education license, or users employed in an educational organization, there are three default templates provided.

  • Class

  • Lecture

  • Webinar

Each template has slight variations amongst its configurations. For instance, the Class template will not notify the host of users leaving and joining the call, whereas the Lecture template enables this setting. Note that these are simply templates and default settings and can be changed.

5. AI: Intelligent Recap

Teams is now “infused” with AI, according to the official Microsoft 365 blog, with a feature called “Intelligent Recap”. That’s right- Microsoft has “teamed” up with OpenAI’s Chat GPT 3.5 for this powerful addition.

Intelligent Recap generates tangible tools to help with meeting takeaways and productivity, including:

  • Tasks – action items will be created during and after the meeting.

  • Auto-generated chapters – timestamps to help audience review and navigate the meeting recording.

  • Personalized timeline markers – individuals may choose to bookmark meeting timestamps for their own use.

  • Intelligent transcript search – users can now search through transcripts for key moments. The transcript distinguishes speakers from each other, and the search function is tailored to each user based on who they are most likely to search for.

Microsoft Teams intellligent recap generates tasks, chapters, timeline markers, transcript searches. Easy navigation for teams users. Productivity tools
Chapters are generated for easy navigation when you replay a presentation recording.

6. Webinar Features

Teams Premium allows the webinar experience to be taken to the next level. Webinars differ from private video calls, as webinar speakers have to consider their audience and content.

  • Registration waitlist and approvals: If you’re looking for your room to have a capacity limit, this feature is great for selecting attendees.

  • Automated reminder texts and emails: a little reminder can go a long way. Send registrants an automated reminder via SMS or email of meeting details to encourage attendance.

  • Green room: like a physical green room before heading out on stage, organizers and presenters will now have a ‘virtual’ green room where they can convene before going live.

Other Changes

On the other hand, there are also features that were previously free for regular Teams users that are now exclusive to Premium. These features include:

  • Live translated captions

  • Timeline markers in Teams meeting recordings when a user leaves or joins meetings.

  • Custom organization Together Mode scenes

  • SMS notifications to remind registered attendees of their meeting details

  • Analytics reports


Microsoft Teams Premium is available at $7 USD per month per user for introductory pricing. After, it will return to its original pricing at $10 USD per month per user. Features that are switching over to Premium-only will have a grace period for up to 90 days. After that, the above features will be exclusive to the Premiums tier.


As always, needs are different for everyone. For example, unless you host a one-man-show vodcast series, it’s unlikely you will need to upgrade to Premium. However, it may be worth considering the features that will no longer be available in the Free version of Teams.


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