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Financial District

Automating a Customer Journey for Financial Services 

Salesforce Integration and Combating Document Sprawl


To remain anonymous, the large financial and investment company will be referred to as "Financial Services”, or FS. FS has over 140+ offices, over a million clients, and hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. FS was to address some major issues including Content Sprawl (documents spread across many different systems), as well as attempting to seamlessly integrate their CRM, Salesforce with the rest of their workspace areas.  


The Financial Planning teams struggled to: 

  1. Find their daily files for their clients.  

  2. Gather inbound financial documents from prospects efficiently and  

  3. Transition the prospect to client effectively. 


It was essential for FS to maximize efficiency, reduce the time it took to access documents, and complete daily tasks across the interface.  


To combat content sprawl and increase efficiency, FS chose Cadence’s recommendation of OpenText Extended ECM to be their single source of truth as a document repository. FS had millions of files across multiple legacy SharePoint systems. All these records plus their metadata were migrated and reorganized efficiently into OpenText Extended ECM.


To increase operational efficiency and the planning team’s user experience, FS also chose to integrate OpenText with their Salesforce utilizing OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce. The finance industry naturally has a lot of paperwork and natively Salesforce does not store documents. This made tracking client status in one system and working with their files in another quite difficult. The change now allowed the FS financial planning team to interact with client files directly in the Salesforce User Interface. This improved numerous pain points including searching, accessibility, and long lead times. 

  • Salesforce integrated with OpenText Extended ECM and document workspaces for all prospect and client Accounts.      

  • End users simply interact with the Salesforce, while all documents are stored in OpenText. This provides a more user-friendly interface and increased quality of life to the user experience.

  • Users can now search for all their files, new and old, in one system without having to leave Salesforce

  • Organized file structure in a single location

  • A scalable solution prepared for expected growth of future clients.

  • Millions of files were migrated from two legacy SharePoint sites to OpenText Extended ECM

  • Compliance criteria and regulations are met

Screenshot of Salesforce with OpenText Extended ECM implemented
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