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C.A.R.E. Microsoft 365 Intranet

Cadence donated our time and Microsoft 365 expertise to assist Care for Newcomers (formerly known as "C.A.R.E.") in modernizing their SharePoint Online Intranet

C.A.R.E for Newcomers Success Story

C.A.R.E., also known as "Care for Newcomers", is a registered non-profit society built on the guiding principles of respect, inclusion, transparency, collaboration, encouragement, and innovation; for over 40 years, they have assisted the settlement of newcomers into the province of Alberta. Like many organizations at the start of the COVID pandemic, C.A.R.E. moved to remote working arrangements for their staff and introduced a web-based platform for file storage and internal communications. However, this created a data management problem. Files were difficult to find, and different versions would exist in different locations; employees often had to sift through numerous documents unrelated to their department seeking the documents relevant to their position. Using Microsoft SharePoint Online and Teams, Cadence Solutions was pleased to help C.A.R.E. establish its intranet and shape it the most convenient way to their needs.

Straight away, a need for a main intranet site was prioritized and promptly created from Microsoft 365. This intranet connected all Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites, creating a unified hub from which C.A.R.E. could access their documents. Employees benefited by accessing only the documents relevant to them.
As Cadence entered the scene, we found that the old data was lifted and migrated exactly as-is into its new environment with no new or improved means of organizing it. We believe that if content is being migrated, it should be migrated in the most meaningful and useful way for the client. Cadence helped C.A.R.E. with their Microsoft 365 migration strategy, organizing their data based on two main criteria: department (HR, Finance, Management, etc.) and permission level. Additionally, customized Microsoft Teams views were established, and training was given to all staff on how to effectively manage everything they needed, straight from the main site.
C.A.R.E. now has an established document structure that makes sense for their needs. Employees can effectively access what documents they need, when they need it, without sorting through irrelevant data. Customized Teams views allow for better departmental communication, both internally and externally, and integrate Teams directly with SharePoint enabling data and documents to be accessed directly through the Microsoft Teams hub. C.A.R.E. is now a more efficient organization allowing them to better achieve their mission of supporting successful newcomer integration into Alberta.



Red Deer, AB




Interesting Fact!

Did you know that C.A.R.E. was formed by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to assist with the settlement of refugees fleeing the aftermath of the Vietnam War.
C.A.R.E for Newcomers Success Story
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