Invoice Processing

24 Hour Fitness


24 Hour Fitness was stuck manually scanning & keying all invoices, whether received digitally or not. This process increased data entry errors and duration in invoice approvals. Without the necessary integration to Peoplesoft, Invoices could not be validated 


Cadence implemented OpenText Intelligent Capture for Front End Invoice Capture for both invoice header and line item information, requiring 95% less data entry.  Cadence then integrated Intelligent Capture with Peoplesoft to perform 

3-way matching with all workflows and document storage residing in OpenText Content Server. 


This digital transformation resulted in immediately increasing accuracy of data entry while reducing the number of employees required for data entry.  Additionally, Invoice approval is much faster for their 25,000+ invoices received annually. 

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– Inefficiency due to manual data entry
– Lack of an ECM

– No Capture Technology

Project Goals

– Streamline AP Invoice Process

– Reduce Email Inbox Usage

– Automate Invoice Ingestion

– Have a Single Source of Truth for an Invoice

OpenText Solutions

OpenText Content Server

OpenText Intelligent Capture