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Invoice Processing
Vendor Invoice Management

Streamline your accounts payable (AP) department with Vendor Invoice Management for SAP.

Invoice processing, for most companies, requires too much manual effort.  Manual keying of invoice data involves inefficient documentation processes resulting in multiple communications with a vendor, requests for information, manual routing and approvals, and the labor-intensive process of monitoring and providing update reports on the status of unpaid invoices.

Using SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), organizations can streamline their invoice management process.  VIM will optimize and simplify how organizations receive, manage, route and monitor invoices and any related documentation attached to the invoice.  With VIM, invoices will be routed automatically to the assigned person for resolution, approval and payment.  This will result in fewer errors and ensuring payment is accurate and timely.

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Learn about how Cadence delivered a simplified but modern invoice ingestion process using the SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solution.


Download the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions product overview

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