SAP Vendor Invoice Management for OpenText

Using SAP Vendor Invoice Management for OpenText(VIM), organizations can streamline their invoice management process.  VIM will optimize and simplify how organizations receive, manage, route and monitor invoices and any related documentation attached to the invoice.  With VIM, invoices will be routed automatically to the assigned person for resolution, approval and payment.  This will result in fewer errors and ensuring payment is accurate and timely.

Benefits and Features

  • Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity through Automated Invoicing
    Streamline AP operations across and beyond the enterprise.  You can streamline workflows, initiate reminders and shorten the payment cycle.  With increased automation, VIM can significantly reduce manual processing and boost productivity by offering features that replace traditional multistep, multitouch invoice processing with a solutions that is based on business rules.

  • Out of the Box Scenarios
    Using the pre-configured processing and scenarios, organizations can use industry best practice sales orders, remittance advices, delivery notes and invoices to save time and money.

  • Improve Vendor Relations with Shortened Invoice-to-Pay Cycles
    Extend direct access to all available information to your stakeholders around the world by connecting through the cloud in real time.  This enables any dispute to resolved quickly and efficiently, using any device, to get stakeholders paid.

For more information on how OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions can help your business, go to the OpenText website.
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