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Interactive Microsoft Syntex Calculator

If you're looking to calculate how much to budget for Microsoft Syntex, use our free calculator below. 

Microsoft Syntex is now available with two licensing options: pay-as-you-go ("PAYG"), and per-user licensing.

DISCLAIMER: Cadence Solutions is a third-party implementation partner with Microsoft. The calculator and email results are unofficial and merely an estimate based on default cost rates disclosed in March 2023. Values may vary depending on individual agreements with Microsoft. 

The total price is given in USD, as a monthly cost.

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Syntex, licensing, or possible business solutions in general? Connect with us to have a chat with one of Cadence Solution's Microsoft-certified experts.

For more information on Syntex pricing and the differences between each license, read our article here.

About Syntex

Microsoft Syntex was made generally available in October 2022, when it was announced at the 2022 Microsoft Ignite Conference. Syntex is a “Content AI” solution that helps users manage content such as documents and forms when uploaded into a library. It will understand retention rules and extract information as needed, thanks to its integration with AI. Ultimately, it allows organizations to automate tasks and streamline business processes.

Read our introduction to Microsoft Syntex basics here.

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