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OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

Using OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors, your organization can organize all employee file content, ​which will be accessible to applicable business partners, empowering them to manage talent, lead HR specific projects and achieve service level expectations.  OpenText Extended ECM for SuccessFactors will simplify and transform your organizations current HR processes.
Quick Facts
  • Employee Files are centrally controlled, with digital accessibility
  • Ensure compliant employee files with automated tracking
  • 20,000 hours will be saved per year finding employee records*
*OpenText, 2016
SAP SuccessFactors.png
Benefits and Features
  • Immediate access to key documents on demand though the employee workspace
    Manage and share employee documents in a centralized repository.  With the ability to find employee documents using full-text search, employee files can be found instantly resulting in increased service levels and accelerated response times.

  • Reduced legal, audit and administrative costs
    With the document management solution, you can improve governance and compliance with HR regulations, legal requirements and audits.  Built in compliance and regulatory functionality, and role-based permissions and controls, provide a secure environment for employee records.

  • Document Generation and Upload Services
    Use design templates to generate interactive employee letters and correspondence.  This feature also offers simple drag-and-drop, mass upload capabilities and will allow users to automatically save uploaded documents to the correct folders.

  • Increased accuracy and security
    With SuccessFactors, you can significantly reduce manual processes and increase automation across the HR function.  Document security is also increased through centrally managed, role based access rights at the folder and document level. 

To learn about the benefits of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Successfactor, click here for a brief overview.
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