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SAP is the industry leading enterprise application that helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries run at their best by streamlining processes.  

Cadence focuses on SAP products that will help any organization improve - Vendor Invoice Management and SuccessFactors.  Our Certified Resources will ensure your SAP project will be successful.

Vendor Invoice Management for SAP

Using Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), organizations can streamline their invoice management process.  VIM will optimize and simplify how organizations receive, manage, route and monitor invoices and any related documentation attached to the invoice.  With VIM, invoices will be routed automatically to the assigned person for resolution, approval and payment.  This will result in fewer errors and ensuring payment is accurate and timely.

For more information on how OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions can help your business, go to the OpenText website.
OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors
Using OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors, your organization can organize all employee file content ​which will be accessible to applicable business partners, empowering them to manage talent, lead HR specific projects and achieve service level expectations.  OpenText Extended ECM for SuccessFactors will simplify and transform your organizations current HR processes.
Quick Facts:
  • Employee Files are centrally controlled, with digital accessibility
  • Ensure compliant employee files with automated tracking
  • 20,000 hours will be saved per year finding employee records*
*OpenText, 2016
To learn about the benefits of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Successfactor, click here for a brief overview.
Do you have SAP and want to integrate
Extended ECM or VIM?

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