System Implementations

Cadence Solutions uses a unique approach to lead a project through to successful completion. The implementation methodology includes a preliminary analysis of existing systems, processes and infrastructure that will help with evaluating the current state. Once Cadence has a good understanding of the current operating environment and the expected end goals, we will provide an implementation strategy and schedule to address the gaps identified during the analysis phase.  Rest assured, our business and technical analysts will be involved every step of the way to make the transition either to OpenText Extended ECM for Content Server or Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365 as smooth as possible. 

OpenText Implementation Approach
System Upgrades

To ensure your system is functioning properly, upgrades are vital.  Using Cadence’s team, we will upgrade your system to the latest software version to optimize your system’s performance and guarantee your business continuity is protected.  New features will provide your users with access to the latest tools to be effective and maintain productivity.  The Cadence team will help your organization determine if you need to upgrade, but more importantly when to upgrade. 


Content Suite includes a full workflow engine that enables form population, document generation from templates and of course structured or ad-hoc approvals. Workflows are a critical component to save time and ensure tracking and auditing of all approval activities. Cadence has implemented and automated many organizations with workflow some of the trending workflow.  Best of all its paperless, no more walking paper through the office, rubber stamping everything then scanning it at the end of the process.


Trending Workflows

  • Insurance Claims Approval

  • Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

  • HR Onboarding

  • Delegation of Authority

  • Vacation Requests

  • Expenses Tracking

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