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Digital Human Resources

An organizations most important assets are their staff. So why not have the HR administrative functions that support your most valuable resource, people. Now ask, how efficient are your Human Resources administrative functions?

When it comes to organizations going down the Digital Transformation path, Human Resources is a department that is often one of the last to take the plunge.  Being one of the the most document intensive departments in an organization, with HR professionals handling about 30-50 documents per employee, HR is now going through a digital revolution. HR departments are seeing the benefits of creating newer operational HR processes that help improve communication, collaboration, and access to data.

The biggest pain point for an HR Department is the overwhelming amount of employee documentation and paperwork - most of which is physical paper.  Others are the onboarding/offboarding process, locating documents, storage, missing documents or data, collection of physical signature, security and compliance.

Human Resources System
Human Resources Workspace.png

Cadence Solutions can help your organizations solve and implement a solutions to eliminate the common HR pain points.  Depending on your organizations specific needs or goals, Cadence can help with:

  • Employee onboarding workflow

  • Document auto-classification

  • Custom tailored landing page

  • Employee search & filter functions

  • Integrations with your current HR systems

  • Independent folder access permissions

  • Digital signature solutions

  • Setting up automatic alerts

  • Employee file dispositions


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Let's Digitize your Human Resources Deparment!

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