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Extended Enterprise Content Management

Structure your unstructured data with SAP Extended ECM.  

Accelerate your organization's digital transformation by managing  your business processes more effectively by facilitating collaboration and storing content to avoid redundancies, minimize information growth and support regulatory compliance.

SAP Extended ECM adds document management, collaboration, archiving and certified records management, providing a unique competitive advantage to organizations committed to digital transformation.

SAP Extended ECM.png

Benefits and Features

  • Enhance collaboration and increase communication
    With ECM workspaces, you can enable end-to-end collaboration across business processes to centralize information and enable internal and external team members to work together.

  • Constrain growth of content repositories and minimize IT complexity
    Eliminate versioning issues, enable access rights control, content classification and archive data to minimize your data growth.  This will increase resource efficiency and reduce legacy hardware and maintenance costs with best in class document management. 

  • Reduce regulatory and compliance risks
    Apply governance to SAP and non-SAP documents in accordance with data privacy, retention and documentation requirements.  By linking transactional data with business related content, you create a new standard that reduces compliance risks.

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