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Accounts Payable Automation

How efficient is your Accounts Payable (AP) system? Struggling to go paperless? 
AP is one department that can receive an incredible return on investment from automation.

Organizations spend a substantial amount of resources on processing a single invoice manually.  Following a manual method, invoice processing can become a significant part of an organizations operational expenses.  

Most organizations looking to automate their AP have similar objectives:

  • Streamline the AP invoice process

  • Reduce Email Inbox usage

  • Automate Invoice Ingestion

  • Have a single source of truth for an invoice (One final Invoice Location)

Manual AP Process.png

For organizations that use too much manual data entry there are two areas we commonly address, invoice data entry and invoice approvals. We find these areas a great place to start. They are relatively quick and simple to address and the return on investment provides a significant advantage when compared to other areas.

Invoice Data entry is prone to many human errors that can have a disruptive waterfall effect across your organization; a small innocent mistake could have a major cost implications down the line. Let’s face it, manually typing the same pattern of data into the system is a computer's job, not a human one.

Invoice Approvals should no longer be done by making rounds around the office especially given modern work from home arrangements. Automating the entire invoice approval and PO matching process can help organizations eliminate the need for any kind of human intervention, freeing an employees time for more important tasks.


Automating Invoicing is becoming more prominent because the initial investment cost is quickly made up for by the cost savings it creates and for that reason, it's quite justifiable for upper management.

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Learn about how Cadence delivered a Accounts Payable automation solution to eliminate paper-based invoice processing.


Learn more about how we can help with your Accounts Payable Automation using OpenText

Let's turn your Accounts Payable pain points into strengths!

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